'No Time To Die' special effects supervisor reveals his dream stunt for a future James Bond film

Watch: No Time To Die's special effects coordinator Chris Corbould talks to Yahoo

No Time To Die special effects supervisor Chris Corbould says he dreams of creating a stunt sequence with a Formula One racing car in a future James Bond film.

Talking to Yahoo ahead of No Time To Die's arrival on DVD, Blu-ray and 4K Ultra HD on Monday, 20 December, we asked the filmmaker what vehicles remain on his Bond stunt bucket list.

“I was very proud of the tank chase we did,” Corbould replied, thinking back on his Bond successes and 1995 GoldenEye, “It was really original having a tank in that urban environment.”

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However, the one element he really wants to try on a Bond film one day is to use “maybe a Formula One car on the streets of some big city might be a fun thing to do.”

No Time To Die hits UK cinemas on 30 September (MGM/Universal Pictures/EON)
Chris Corbould was behind the spectacular Aston Martin DB5 chase in No Time To Die (MGM/Universal Pictures/EON)

To paraphrase a 1980s Bond trailer — in the world of high adventure, the highest number is still Chris Corbould. The visual effects master has worked on sixteen Bond films — from A View To A Kill to No Time To Die — over five decades and counting. Alongside No Time to Die’s stunt co-ordinator Lee Morrison and a top team of world-class drivers, Chris crafted all the set pieces, visual effects, and stunts for No Time to Die.

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To mark the home release of the film Yahoo was given a top mission to witness the artistry and skills of Corbould and his stunt team. And they not only mounted a thrill-seeking recreation of the Land Rover and Triumph motorbike chase from No Time to Die, we also spoke to Chris about his work on Bond and the film.

Always starting with the script when working out how to spin Bond’s action dice again, Chris suggested “it doesn’t get harder, but the hardest thing is getting something original”.

Often the locations dictate Bond’s stunt choices. Corbould and Morrison visited No Time to Die’s Matera location 'twelve or thirteen times' to determine what the town could lend the scene.

LONDON, ENGLAND - MARCH 18:  Chris Corbould poses in front of the Jaguar XKR from 'Die Another Day' ahead of the opening of the Bond In Motion exhibition at the London Film Museum on March 18, 2014 in London, England. The Exhibition is the largest official collection of original Bond vehicles and opens on the 21st March to the general public.  (Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images for London Film Museum)
Chris Corbould poses in front of the Jaguar XKR from 'Die Another Day' in 2014 (Chris Jackson/Getty Images for London Film Museum)

“Matera is thousands of years old,” he reminded, “and we had to be respectful of all the buildings. Wherever there was a danger of a high-speed car spinning out we would clad the buildings with concrete blocks and dress them in to look like original buildings.”

One such Matera trick saw Corbould pour thousands of gallons of cola drink onto 'the polished streets' to help Lee Morrison and stunt-driver Mark Higgins lend the DB5 better friction on the road.

No Time To Die hits UK cinemas on 30 September (MGM/Universal Pictures/EON)
The Italian town of Matera played host to No Time To Die (MGM/Universal Pictures/EON)

No Time to Die’s DB5 chase is one of Corbould’s 'proud dad moments': “It was amazing, and I was very proud of what the crew did,” he told us.

He is equally pleased too of the Land Rover Defender chase, but also the sinking trawler.

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“That was a very complicated mechanical rig that rotated 360 degrees like a big spit roast which went down into the water at the same time," he explained. "Mechanically, that was the most successful thing we did.”

Daniel Craig's James Bond attempts to shake off pursuers in No Time To Die. (Instagram/007)
Daniel Craig's James Bond attempts to shake off pursuers in No Time To Die. (Instagram/007)

“Wherever I go in the world I am looking at things that potentially could make a good sequence. You can’t always dovetail them into a Bond film, but I’ve got a catalogue of ideas in my head of various places, various machines we could use. You store it as a big data base and sometimes you can slot them in there."

No Time To Die’s two-disc collector’s edition on DVD, Blu-ray™ & 4K Ultra HD with exclusive bonus content exploring the action, spectacle, and stunts will be available from 20 December.

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