New report reveals the least successful movie remakes of all time

Which are the most and least profitable movie remakes?
Which are the most and least profitable movie remakes?

Old Boy and Point Break have made the list of the least profitable remakes of all time.

Casumo has analysed hundreds of remakes to work out which were the most and least successful remakes ever made by comparing the gross per $1 spent on each remake’s budget.

Spike Lee's 2013 remake of Oldboy made just £0.07 per $1 budget while 2015's Point Break earned $0.27.

The least lucrative remake was the 1993 film Body Snatchers which earned just $0.03 per $1 spent on the budget.

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The least profitable movie remakes (Credit: Casumo)
The least profitable movie remakes (Credit: Casumo)

Conversely, the 1978 version of Invasion of the Body Snatchers earned $8.76 on the $1.

The Barbra Streisand-led and directed version of A Star is Born, released in 1976, is the most profitable earning $13.33 at the US box office for every $1 spent on the budget.

The most recent remake of the movie, starring Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga, made $5.81 per $1 budget in comparison.

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The most profitable movie remakes (Credit: Casumo)
The most profitable movie remakes (Credit: Casumo)

The culture of remaking films is expanding each year as studios try to flog what they can out of properties they already own the rights to.

There are over 100 remakes or reboots currently in development including Akira, Big Trouble in Little China, The Lion King, Candyman, The Craft, Charlie's Angels and Child's Play.

Aladdin is the latest live-action Disney remake to head into cinemas and it has actually performed better than expected and has so far earned $454.5 million (£356.9 million) at the worldwide box office.

The Dumbo remake has not performed as well as the other Disney remakes after taking home just $350.1 million (£275 million) globally.

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