Pixar’s Andrew Stanton says fans shouldn’t worry about Toy Story 4 release date change

The long-promised ‘Toy Story 4’ will be arriving later than originally planned – but according to Andrew Stanton, this is no cause for concern.


The fourth film in Pixar’s beloved series had originally been due in June 2018, but the animation house announced last month that it had been pushed back to June 2019, with its original release date now being taken by ‘The Incredibles 2.’

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Speaking to Cinema Blend, Stanton – whose most recent Pixar directorial credit is this year’s ‘Finding Dory’ – promises fans they have nothing to worry about.

“There’s no big conspiracy about anything, even though I know that would be juicy. The truth is that every time we develop films, we always have five or six films privately that we’re in the middle of developing.

“We’ve learned over time to make them like magnets, because what we want to be respectful for is whether the stories are ready or not. So we end up, for economic reasons, we end up having to announce sometimes when a film might be released, but then we go, ‘Wait a minute, we want more time on the story to really nail it.’


“So if we find that another film on the stove is going well, and we can move it up, then we do a swap, so there’s no more drama than we just want to get the stories just right.”

Given that fans of ‘The Incredibles’ have had to wait a lot longer for a further adventure from the super-powered family (Brad Bird’s original came out in 2004), surely ‘Toy Story’ fans can manage to wait another year.

The franchise’s last installment, ‘Toy Story 3,’ was released in 2010, and in the meantime there have been two short films, ‘Toy Story of Terror’ and ‘Toy Story That Time Forgot.’

Picture Credit: Pixar