Reacher star Alan Ritchson debuts long hair transformation for new movie

alan ritchson, reacher season 2
Reacher's Alan Ritchson debuts hair transformationPrime Video

Reacher star Alan Ritchson has debuted a new hair transformation for his role in the upcoming film, Motor City.

As per Variety, the action film will see Ritchson play John Miller, a Detroit man who unleashes a rampage of brutal vengeance on those who framed him after he is released from prison.

The star, who has also appeared in Fast X and The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare, showcased some of his preparation for the role, uploading a video to Instagram as he sported a new hairstyle as well as some superficial tattoos.

alan ritchson seen with long hair snaps a selfie in the mirror
@alanritchson - Instagram

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"How do you completely transform when you only have a few days to transition from Reacher to your next role in period action peice extraordinaire Motor City? You bring out the big guns," he wrote in the caption.

"@thomasdelauer to help me drop weight fast. The one-of-a-kind Sandy Sokolowski for new hair. And the great Gary Archer (@teeth_by_archer) for a less pearly set of pearly whites. And of course @katvonpire on some new character-specific tats.

"My goal is always to make a character as real for you as humanly possible. Not having days off between jobs makes it hard to go as far as I want, but I'll get as close to unrecognizable as possible. I refuse to play myself. You've never experienced anything like Motor City."

Motor City, which is being directed by Timur Bekmambetov (Wanted, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter), will reportedly be "characterised by immersive visual storytelling alongside stunningly choreographed and stylized action sequences".

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"We have an incredible script that takes us into a gruesomely dark world," Bekmambetov said in a statement. "I'm thrilled to bring this story to life on the big screen. With the help of our amazing cast and the talented production team, we're poised to create a cinematic spectacle."

"Timur is a visual composer; he is one of the most innovative auteurs of our time with the ability to create stylistic action sequences," added producers Greg Silverman and Jon Berg. "Having worked with Alan before on the Ordinary Angels, his range and balance of the physical and emotional is what makes him an exciting new generation action star."

There is currently no release date for Motor City; Reacher streams on Prime Video.

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