Rebecca Ferguson hopes they 'never' stop making 'Mission: Impossible' movies (exclusive)

Rebecca Ferguson is back on the big screen again in The Kid Who Would Be King but there’s one role she would love to keep playing.

That is Ilsa Faust from the Mission: Impossible whose last outing was in Mission: Impossible – Fallout but she’ll begin filming the next two instalments in January 2020.

“I hope it never ends I love them,” Ferguson told Yahoo Movies UK. “I believe they are shooting in January, 7 and 8, back-to-back. The last one [lasted] approximately a year but that’s because Tom broke a foot and I made a baby.”

She was filming The Kid Who Would Be King during that period too though in the children’s adventure film – based on Arthurian legend – she was playing the villain Morgana who she “really loved.”

Rebecca Ferguson plays Isla Faust in the ‘Mission: Impossible’ franchise
Rebecca Ferguson plays Isla Faust in the ‘Mission: Impossible’ franchise

“I don’t support killing children,” Ferguson deadpanned. “Some children should not be killed. Full stop! When Joe and I talked about this he said he wanted a through-and-through bad villain, a real villain.

“We always try to find, as actors, the goodness in something because it’s also interesting but I saw where he was coming from,” the actress continued. “It’s a children’s movie and you need the antagonist and the children need to feel like they have conquered something.

“If I’m not bad enough they haven’t really conquered anything so it’s an important balance to create.”

To get into character Ferguson sought the guidance of Alexandra Reynolds, a movement coach who has previously worked with Eddie Redmayne.

Rebecca Ferguson as Morgana
Rebecca Ferguson as Morgana

“She had lots of fun ideas,” the actress recalled. “She actually said to me, ‘one of the great ideas of when I create characters like this for children is to find a shadow,’ so if you can see the shadow of Charlie Chaplin you would know it’s him, even if it’s the silhouette of the figure, then you have done well.

“So we looked at Cruella De Vil, that S-shaped, that dirty, poisonous style.”

In the film, Morgana is the magical half-sister of King Arthur who wanted to rule Great Britain but was banished to the depths of the Earth’s core. Centuries later, when the world is in despair, she hopes to rise up and take Excalibur but it’s up to young kid Alex (Louis Ashbourne-Serkis) and his pals to stop her.

Ferguson says she loves playing an evil female bad guy and “wants more” female villains to be appearing on screen.

“It’s just so much fun playing different characters,” she said. “I went from this one to an even more evil one so this was my first stepping stone.”

The Kid Who Would Be King is out on Friday, 15 February.

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