Resident Evil: The Final Chapter Returns To Raccoon City In First Trailer

Sony has released the first trailer for the sixth and final ‘Resident Evil’ movie.

Directed by Paul WS Anderson and starring Milla Jovovich, 'The Final Chapter’ sees the action return to Raccoon City, setting of the first zombie outbreak.

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Did anyone else get a 'Mad Max: Fury Road’ vibe from that? If it has been inspired by one of the finest action films of recent years though, that’s no bad thing.

“Picking up immediately after the events in 'Resident Evil: Retribution’, Alice (Jovovich) is the only survivor of what was meant to be humanity’s final stand against the undead,” reads an official synopsis.


“Now, she must return to where the nightmare began – The Hive in Raccoon City, where the Umbrella Corporation is gathering its forces for a final strike against the only remaining survivors of the apocalypse.”

'Retribution’ was released five years ago, and it has been fourteen years since the original adaptation of Capcom’s smash hit survival horror video game.

None of the films have been hits, with 'Resident Evil: Aftermath’ raking in the most box office at just shy of $300 million. The series has developed a cult following however, and has been helped by the continuing success of the series it’s based on.


With a 'Resident Evil 7’ game out in January, this may be the last Resi movie with this cast - but it may not be the final adaptation.

Picture Credits: Sony Pictures

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