Sacha Baron Cohen has been undercover for a year on new TV show

Ben Arnold
Sacha Baron Cohen (Credit: Getty)

Sacha Baron Cohen has been undercover for a whole year making his new TV show Who Is America?

A teaser for the show, unveiled last night, shows a clip in which he gives former Vice President Dick Cheney a waterboarding kit to sign… which he duly does.

“Imagine if Sacha Baron Cohen had been undercover secretly filming a new show for a year,” the teaser, erm, teases.

It appears that the marketing campaign is now in full swing, with posters also appearing in the US over the weekend confirming the show’s title.

US broadcaster Showtime is behind series, dubbing it ‘perhaps the most dangerous TV show in history’.

“We’d like to tell you about a new comedy that’s coming, but we can’t. The creators won’t let us show you a scene, the lawyers won’t let us tell you the name of the star, and we can’t even reveal the show’s title or we’d be breaking or non disclosure agreement,” it said in another recent promo video.

All indications so far suggest that the British comedian is returning to the Ali G format of spoof interviews, a likelihood compounded by a recent tweet from Baron Cohen.

He posted a clip of Donald Trump slating him from his office in Trump Tower, after Trump was duped into speaking to Ali G back in 2003.

Trump ends the tirade, in which he calls Baron Cohen a ‘third rate character’, by wishing the comedian be ‘punched in the face so many times he’d be in hospital’, finally advising him to ‘go to school, learn about being funny’.

Flashing a Trump University logo, it led many to presume that Trump’s ill-feted college would be the subject his next project, but it appears to be more wide-ranging that that.

It also follows news from earlier this year, in which it was said that Baron Cohen was trying to get in a room with O.J. Simpson.

So far, so mysterious, but not for long, with the arrival date set for July 15.

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