Seth Rogen regrets letting Sony convince him to lie about 'The Interview'

Hanna Flint
Seth Rogen regrets letting Sony convince him to lie about ‘The Interview’

When Seth Rogen made The Interview he knew it was going to cause controversy but now he regrets not speaking up about it in 2014 when the film was released.

The comedy movie, about an American journalist attempting to assassinate North Korean president Kim Jong-Un, was caught up in the infamous Sony hack, believed to be orchestrated by the East Asian country.

North Korea spoke out against the film and its depiction of their leader’s murder and the group claiming responsibility for the hack (Guardians of Peace) demanded it be pulled from cinemas or they would be targetted by terrorist attacks.

Sony pulled the film, and both Rogen and James Franco played the innocent by saying it was just a silly movie and that they didn’t think about the consequences of its content.

Now Rogen says he absolutely regrets letting Sony persuade them to do so.

“When I look back at that whole situation, the thing I regret is that Sony convinced me to pretend to the press that we didn’t know what we were doing when we made The Interview,” he told Vulture.

Seth Rogen doesn’t think that North Korea was responsible for the Sony hack

“They were asking us to look like these dumb stoner filmmakers who just happened to make a movie about Kim Jong-un without really thinking about it. Like, we had no idea North Korea might be mad!”

Rogen says that he only found out that the movie was pulled from cinemas while waiting to do an interview on The Colbert Report and claims Sony hung them out to dry.

They [Sony] were not protecting us very well,” the actor said, “They totally floated us out on our own.”

Rogen also doesn’t believe North Korea has anything to do with the Sony hack and suggested a couple of theories that are floating around Hollywood including that it was an inside job aimed at taking out Sony’s co-chairperson Amy Pascal.

“I’ve heard that it was a disgruntled Sony employee,” he explained. “I’ve also heard people say that they think someone was hired to do the hack as a way of getting Amy Pascal fired. I don’t know if I subscribe to those theories, but I kind of don’t think it was North Korea.”

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