Spider-Man spin-off Silk in the pipeline at Sony

Silk (Credit: Marvel)
Silk (Credit: Marvel)

Sony Pictures is planning a new Spider-Man spin-off movie, based on the Marvel superhero Silk, according to Deadline.

Silk is the alter-ego of Cindy Moon, first introduced into the The Amazing Spider-Man comic book series back in 2014.

Cindy is a Korean-American high school student, and, it emerges, also gets bitten by the same irradiated arachnid as Peter Parker during that fateful science demonstration.

She develops almost identical powers to Parker, like superhuman strength and the all-important crime detecting spidey-sense (known as Silk Sense), but unlike Parker can produce her own organic webbing.

Cindy is already seen in Spider-Man: Homecoming, as a member of Peter Parker’s decathlon team, played by Tiffany Espensen.

Tiffany Espensen (Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)
Tiffany Espensen (Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

Espensen also appears briefly in the role in Avengers: Infinity War too.

It’s not yet known whether she’ll be playing the role in the spin-off, or whether it will be recast, but we do know that the project is being produced by Amy Pascal.

Pascal, who was the head of Sony Pictures until she left following the hacking of its databases in 2014, is also producing the other current Spider-Man spin-off, Venom, starring Tom Hardy, and the planned Silver & Black movie, featuring Marvel characters Silver Sable and Black Cat.

Venom is due out on October 5.

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