Star Wars: Rogue One shot ‘enormously different’ versions

‘Star Wars: Rogue One’ could have been very different.

Where did that TIE fighter go? - Credit: Lucasfilm
Where did that TIE fighter go? – Credit: Lucasfilm

During an interview with Collider, ‘Rogue One’ star Ben Mendelsohn revealed that those reshoot rumours were true… and it resulted in a very different final film.

“We did have multiple, multiple ways of going at any given scenario, we had multiple readings of it,” he revealed. “So should they ever decided to, there would be a wealth of ways of approaching these different things. And I know from having seen sort of the crucial kind of scenes throughout it, I know there’s vastly different readings of at least four of those scenes.”

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Of course, some of the biggest differences can already be seen in the film’s trailer.

After the release of ‘Star Wars: Rogue One’, eagle-eyed viewers began to realise that there were a number of scenes from the trailer which never appeared in the final movie. And they weren’t small changes either – the would-be iconic image of a TIE fighter rising in front of Jyn, as well as several beach scenes starring Jyn and Captain Cassian Andor.

But it sounds as though there are many more differences.

Another scene left on the cutting room floor - Credit: Lucasfilm
Another scene left on the cutting room floor – Credit: Lucasfilm

Mendelsohn explained that there are “enormous differences within I would’ve said 20 or 30 of the scenes. There really would be. There would be enormously different renderings.”

Of course, it was rumoured that ‘Rogue One’ reshoots were far more intensive than most other movies… and while Disney and Lucasfilm tried to play them down, it seems as though those early reports were right on the money.

But will we ever see any of these alternative scenes?

I can’t help thinking it’s perfect fodder for the home release – included on the DVD and Blu-rays as added extras for ‘Star Wars’ fans to dissect and paw over for years to come.

But for now, we’ll have to wait and see.

‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’ is in cinemas now.

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