Suicide Squad: Jared Leto Reveals A LOT Of His Scenes Were Cut

With ‘Suicide Squad’ out this week and the mixed reception it’s received, Jared Leto has revealed that many of The Joker’s scenes were cut from the final film.


And according to one Reddit user, an extensive number of Joker scenes were cut, even though it’s clearly unconfirmed information. Here, it lists 22 scenes that were edited out of the final theatrical cut of the movie, despite a number of moments that featured heavily in the trailers.

For example, there appears to be a lot of scenes contextualising characters and their backstories, such as alleged interview scenes with Boomerang offering his sexist and racist opinions (often to Katana, the character he develops a soft spot for), but, like a supposed moment referring to Slipknot as a serial rapist, these moments were cut from a hard-hitting, gritty version of a comic book story into a (debatable) funner, friendlier film.

And when Jared Leto spoke to TeleStar, he didn’t appear particularly amused that the role he clearly put his all into was watered down to a fraction of what he filmed.

“Oh, there are a lot of scenes,” Leto said in response to when he was asked about which if his scenes were cut, which isn’t entirely surprising.

“Yeah, there are a lot of scenes that didn’t make it to the final film. Hopefully they’ll see the light of day. Who knows,” say Leto, clearly angry that his efforts cannot be seen. And in truth, it does hamper his contribution to the movie. We barely see The Joker and there’s even familiar moments from the trailer that are nowhere to be seen in the final movie.


What’s more, the ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ Oscar-winner hints that there’s much more to see from his psychotic character by revealing: “I learned a lot about the Joker the more that I worked on the character, and I think that’s probably going to continue to happen.”

Even though his method acting was intense and odd at times, it appears he enjoyed getting into character and perfecting the role, claiming it was “the most fun I’ve ever had with a character" and how “it was an honour to get asked to play the part.”

Admittedly Leto’s role felt a tad underwhelming but perhaps that was due to all the scenes that were removed and his appearances chopped together and thrown into the movie. According the the above Redditor, some of his removed scenes were violent ones that depicted violence towards Harley Quinn, which doesn’t seem to be what Warner Bros. wanted to portray.

So with both Joker’s and the few dozen other scenes that were binned we may end up seeing some sort of Ultimate Edition, a la ‘Dawn of Justice’.

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