'Men In Black: International' slated by critics as 'tiresome and pointless'

men in black (Credit: Sony)
Men in Black: International reviews are in (Credit: Sony)

Men In Black: International arrives in cinema this week and the first reviews have landed online.

Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth replace Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones as the leads of the sci-fi franchise - seven years after the release of the last film.

They play Agent M and Agent H, a rookie and a veteran of the secret organisation, forced together in order to stave off another alien threat to Earth and the entire universe.

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The first reviews have not been kind to the new addition to the MiB franchise with its Rotten Tomatoes score currently sitting at 33% rotten from 23 reviews.

“It’s time once again for what must now be called the Meh in Black, making another intensely tiresome and pointless reappearance,” writes Peter Bradshaw for the Guardian.

“Now with Liam Neeson and Chris Hemsworth on exceptionally charmless animatronic form in their dark suits, like Tussaud dummies with a contractual obligation to appear in a bad film.”

Josh Bell for CBR.com writes, “after a few character-building moments at the beginning of the movie, H and M function mostly as cogs in the convoluted plot, which drags on far too long and never features a compelling (or even clear) antagonist.”

Eric Kohn of IndieWire says, “Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth were a fine pair in Thor: Ragnarok, but they can't rescue this lifeless attempt to capture the original MiB charm.

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However, Beth Elderkin of io9 says, “it kind of feels like the perfect sequel to the original Men in Black. It’s an entertaining movie made better by the people in it.

“There are plot issues, character arcs go unfinished, and the ending felt rushed. But it’s still a campy, cool sci-fi spy thriller.”

Here’s what other people are saying:

Though, quite rightly, some people are going to make their own decision on the film:

Men In Black: International is in cinemas from 13th June