This Addams Family remake fan casting is perfect

Ryan Leston
UK Movies Writer
The perfect couple? Credit: Twitter

‘The Addams Family’ with Oscar Isaac?

It needs a remake just to make this happen.

Appearing on Twitter, a new image recasts ‘The Addams Family’ with two modern-day film icons… and it might just be the perfect choice for good old Morticia and Gomez Addams.

That’s right – it’s Eva Green and Oscar Isaac.

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The image itself is nothing special…

There’s no clever Photoshopping. Nothing like that. In fact, it’s a simple side-by-side shot featuring both Eva Green and Oscar Isaac during separate red carpet appearances… but their attire, along with Oscar Isaac’s moustache, creates a compelling case for an ‘Addams Family’ reboot.

See what I mean?

Clearly, Oscar Isaac was born for the role. I mean, who knew a suit and ‘tache could turn him into a modern-day Gomez? Then there’s Eva Green – the sultry look and Morticia-like dress a cross between her ‘Sin City: A Dame to Kill For’ and ‘Miss Peregrine’ looks. Weird, I know.

But it really works.

And there’s even a fan-made image to help picture it:

This has to happen, right? Credit: Twitter

Clearly, this ‘Addams Family’ reboot should happen.

But who else should fill out the zany cast? We’ve already got a few ideas:

Millie Bobby Brown as Wednesday Addams

Millie Bobby Brown as Wednesday Addams? – Credit: Netflix/Paramount

Surely this one’s a no-brainer? Millie Bobby Brown shot to fame as the mysterious and spooky Eleven on Netflix’s hit drama, ‘Stranger Things’. And I can’t help thinking she could make the perfect Wednesday Addams.

Jonah Hill as Pugsley Addams

Circa 2007 Jonah Hill as Pugsley Addams? – Credit: Netflix/Paramount

I know, I know… he’s far too old and far too trim these days. But heading back to 2007 around the same time as ‘Superbad’, and Jonah Hill would have been the perfect actor for Pugsley Addams. Just chuck on a stripey top and he’d have been there.

Michael Shannon as Lurch

Michael Shannon as Lurch? – Credit: Netflix/Paramount

At 6 foot 2 inches, Michael Shannon isn’t quite at Lurch proportions… but with a couple of built up shoes and a dour expression, he might just pull it off. Maybe he can think back to his ‘Batman V Superman’ role to make him look a bit more depressed.

Josh Gad as Uncle Fester

Josh Gad as Uncle Fester? – Credit: Columbia/Paramount

Sure, there are plenty of baldies we could see in the role… but whip out a razor and Josh Gad would make a far more convincing Fester. His penchant for comedy and quick wit makes him an excellent choice… and I can almost see his bumbling antics already.

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