This Mystique cosplay at New York Comic Con is mind-blowing

Winner… ace cosplay seen at New York Comic Con – Credit: Instagram/Mindeclipse

Someone’s won cosplay. Thanks to everyone else for taking part. It’s been fun.

The winner is Rebecca Lindsay, who pitched up at New York Comic Con in this solidly impressive Mystique outfit from X-Men.

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Specifically, it’s Mystique’s character mid-transformation from the last X-Men movie ‘Days of Future Past’.

It reportedly took two hours to get into the outfit, complete as it is with two wigs and a body suit sewn into a military uniform.

In progress… costume and make-up took two hours to complete – Credit: Rebecca Lindsay/Facebook

Lindsay posted a few pictures of her transformation on her Facebook page.

Speaking to Cosplay In America, she said: “Well I picked Mystique cause 1) love her and 2) it was gonna be a cool makeup challenge. Making it was tough and I totally had my mom sew me in to the thing and help glue on the sequins.

“I used an army costume from Ebay and a cheapo body suit from Amazon. We just cut off the extra and sewed the uniform on top of the blue. The sequins helped cover up all the seems. I also used two wigs and sewed those things together (so tough!!!) and sprayed the mystique hair bright red.

Lawrence… as Mystique in Days of Future Past – Credit: Fox

“I’ve been going to NYCC for the past 7 years but only started cosplaying last year. It took about 2 hours to get everything done [into the costume in the morning]. Needed help getting the wig on and fastening lots of safety pins

“The response at the convention was super positive. Everyone (even a lot of artists and vendors) loved seeing a different type of transformation. My favorite moment was getting to see Adam Savage! But a close second was meeting a girl who liked my costume and helped me safety pin the back cause a piece was coming off. Everyone at NYCC is always so nice and helpful.”

Catwoman… Lindsay channelled Pfeiffer from Batman Returns – Credit: Rebecca Lindsay/Facebook

She also pulled out an impressive Catwoman outfit for the annual comicbook fest, embodying Michelle Pfeiffer’s incarnation of the character from ‘Batman Returns’.