Toby Kebbell Has No Interest In Making a Fantastic Four Sequel

‘Warcraft’ star Toby Kebbell has cast doubt on a rumoured sequel to 2015′s ‘Fantastic Four’ saying he has no interest in returning as Doctor Doom.

We asked Toby whether he’d heard the recent reports that producer Simon Kinberg was still planning to make ‘Fantastic Four 2′ despite the first film flopping at the box office, and he denied all knowledge.

“I have not heard about [a sequel], no” Toby told us, “And I don’t know if there’s any interest in me, which is fair. To be fair.”


The film had a tortured production and was widely panned by critics on release where it spectacularly flopped at the box office, taking just £114m against a £80m budget. Normally, a film needs to take double its budget to see any profit after promotional costs are accounted for.

Earlier this month, Kinberg told Den of Geek he still hoped to reunite the main cast for a lighter sequel.

“We want to make another ‘Fantastic Four’ movie,” Kinberg said, “We love that cast - I mean if I were to say to you now Michael B Jordan and Miles Teller, and Kate [Mara] and Jamie [Bell] are great actors - we love that cast. I love the comic, I mean I love it almost as much as X-Men.”

Kebbell’s comments seem to suggest Kinberg’s quotes were empty platitudes, designed to keep journos at bay.

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‘Warcraft’ is coming to cinemas on Bank Holiday Monday.

Image credits: 20th Century Fox

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