Tom Cruise probably isn’t going to the moon in the ‘Mission: Impossible' sequels

Gregory Wakeman
Christopher McQuarrie has one big problem with Tom Cruise going to the moon in the Mission Impossible sequels

Writer and director Christopher McQuarrie has downplayed rumours that Tom Cruise’s Ethan Hunt will go to the moon in the upcoming seventh and eighth installments to the Mission: Impossible franchise.

Considering just how audacious the action set-pieces have become in the recent entries to the series there have been repeated suggestions that the only way future films will top the likes of Ghost Protocol, Rogue Nation and Fallout is by sending the characters into space.

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That question was recently posed to McQuarrie by Empire Magazine. And while the filmmaker didn’t completely rule out the chances of Hunt and his IMF pals going stratospheric, he did reveal a huge problem with doing that simply by asking, “Here’s the problem with going to the moon: how do you fall from the moon?”

How could Mission Impossible take Tom Cruise to the moon?

While that’s a very good point, we are sure that those involved in the Mission: Impossible franchise would find a particularly enthralling way of Ethan Hunt doing just that.

McQuarrie is currently hard at work on the seventh and eighth Mission: Impossible films, which are being shot back to back and will be released in 2021 and 2022, and the director is very much aware that this decision has immediately increased the expectations of what the two movies will entail.

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“I pitched the idea of making two movies, and now I have to justify why it’s two movies. You’ve got to earn that. You’ve got to make something that swallows the last three movies whole. I’m freaked out now. We’ve talked ourselves into something. Holy sh**!”

We’ll find out what these films deliver, and if they actually do go into space, when Mission: Impossible 7 and Mission: Impossible 8 are released on July 23, 2021, and August 5, 2022, respectively.