Tom Hanks is 'feeling better' in latest coronavirus health update

Photo by: John Nacion/STAR MAX/IPx 2020 3/11/20 Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson test positive for Coronavirus. STAR MAX File Photo: 1/9/18 Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson at The National Board of Review Annual Awards Gala (NBR) in New York City.
Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson (Credit: John Nacion/STAR MAX/IPx)

It sounds like Tom Hanks has emerged from the other side of coronavirus, and is now 'feeling better' after he and wife Rita Wilson tested positive almost two weeks ago.

The couple were admitted to hospital in Australia, where Hanks's latest movie was being filmed, before being released into self-isolation.

In a post to Facebook, Hanks said: “Hey, folks. Two weeks after our first symptoms and we feel better.

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“Sheltering in place works like this: You don’t give it to anyone - You don’t get it from anyone. Common sense, no?

“Going to take awhile, but if we take care of each other, help where we can, and give up some comforts...this, too, shall pass. We can figure this out. Hanx.”

Hanks first posted that he and Wilson were suffering 'slight fevers' and aches on March 12, having arrived in Australia where Hanks was set to start filming Baz Luhrmann's new Elvis Presley biopic movie.

The couple later tested positive for the virus, and were quarantined, with 63-year-old Hanks posting regular updates on their progress.

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Along the way, Hanks complained of 'the blahs' – general lethargy – and appalled many with his excessive use of Vegemite.

Meanwhile, Wilson yesterday posted a video of her rapping to Naughty By Nature's classic Hip Hop Hooray as stir-craziness set in.

Luhrmann's movie production, meanwhile, remains locked down, with the director also isolating himself after his contact with Hanks.

The director posted on Friday:

Hanks is set to play Presley's manager Col. Tom Parker in the movie, which also stars Maggie Gyllenhaal.