Tom Hardy’s Sky Mobile advert sends Twitter into meltdown

Ryan Leston
UK Movies Writer
Tom Hardy sends Twitter crazy over new Sky Mobile ads – Credit: Sky

It looks as though Tom Hardy has set Twitter all aflutter…


This time, the 39-year-old hunk has starred in a series of adverts for Sky Mobile – the new mobile phone service from Sky. And it looks as though their marketing folks were really onto something, as Twitter users across the globe fawn over his impressive package… deals.


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The three new TV ads have begun rolling out of the last few days… and they see Tom Hardy explaining Sky Mobile’s enticing new plans with a sultry voice along with a wistful gaze into the camera.

I know, right?

Clearly, Sky knows what it’s doing.

And the ladies of Twitter seem to agree.

“Seriously considering switching to Sky mobile,” said Claire Roderick. “Tom Hardy delivers every new sim card by hand, doesn’t he?”

And there were similar sentiments across the social media platform.


During one advert, he explains how some mobile phone companies take your left-over minutes and texts at the end of the month… illustrating how you can keep holding of them by cheekily pilfering a bowl of sugar lumps from a swanky café.

Oh, Tom…

But it looks as though he’s not impressing everyone. In fact, some folks are left wondering exactly why Tom Hardy would lower himself to making a simple mobile phone advert. And they do have a point…

“Tom Hardy must have pissed all his earnings away on a 3-legged horse, if he’s having to do adverts for Sky Mobile!” said Noel Wallace. “#SadTimes”

Either way, it looks as though Tom hardy’s new ads are having the desired effect – everyone is talking about them.

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