Transformers: The Last Knight trailer explodes online

Ryan Leston
UK Movies Writer

‘Transformers: The Last Knight’ gets its first trailer… and it’s pretty epic.

It’s finally here – ‘Transformers 5’ has just released its first trailer. Starring Mark Wahlberg as Cade Yeager, it looks as though Earth is in for even more robotic pummelling as Optimus Prime returns along with a new threat.

Oh, and it all links in to King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.

Because why not?

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‘Transformers: The Last Knight’ picks up where ‘Age of Extinction’ left off.

Optimus Prime returns in The Last Knight – Credit: Paramount

Optimus Prime has headed into space with the Seed in order to confront the Creators. Cade Yeager and his family are presumably still under the protection of the Autobots… despite the Transformers being hunted down by the Transformers Reaction Force, led by Santos (Santiago Cabrera) and Lennox (Josh Duhamel).

Obviously, this makes Cade of particular interest… and also conveniently explains why he’s on the run and his daughter (played by Nicola Peltz in ‘Age of Extinction’) won’t be in the new movie.

But back to the trailer, it’s all doom and gloom as a rather ominous voiceover from Anthony Hopkins explains in excruciating detail what’s at stake.

It’s all out war for the Transformers – Credit: Paramount

“It has been said through the ages: without sacrifice, there can be no victory.”

I think we get it by now.

“Two species at war – one flesh, one metal. Optimus Prime has left us. One hundred billion, trillion planets in the cosmos… You want to know, don’t you? Why they keep coming here? Now, two worlds colliding, only one survives.”

Of course, it wouldn’t be a ‘Transformers’ trailer without explosions, robots and even more explosions. And if you ever wanted to see Optimus Prime and Bumblebee duking it out, it looks as though your wish is granted.

What’s happened to Optimus Prime? – Credit: Paramount

There’s even a glimpse of a three-headed Dinobot, with certain shots promising a good look at Cybertron and its origins… presumably tying into the King Arthur mythos in some almost-meaningful way.

And look at all those explosions.

‘Transformers: The Last Knight’ heads to cinemas on 23 June 2017.

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