'Uncharted' star Antonio Banderas weighs in on the video game movie curse (exclusive)

Watch: Uncharted's Antonio Banderas on the video game movie curse

Antonio Banderas says the move from consoles to the big screen will add "scope" to Uncharted, and he hopes the movie will crack the video game movie curse.

The Spanish actor portrays a ruthless treasure hunter in the film, trying to track down a treasure which has also captured the attention of Sully (Mark Wahlberg) and his new buddy Nathan Drake (Tom Holland).

Venom director Ruben Fleischer helms the movie, based on the popular PlayStation franchise, which has sold more than 40 million units in its history.

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But video game movies are notorious for not living up to their source material and disappointing fans — a trend Uncharted hopes to reverse.

"Different formats of telling a story and a narrative have been bouncing back and forth for centuries.

"Theatre became movies, movies became novels, novels became musicals and now there is a new format," Banderas told Yahoo Entertainment UK.

Antonio Banderas plays treasure hunter Moncada in 'Uncharted'. (Clay Enos/Sony Pictures)
Antonio Banderas plays treasure hunter Moncada in 'Uncharted'. (Clay Enos/Sony Pictures)

He added: "It's a format in which you can be the person who takes the decisions. You take your characters and you play through the game.

"What is the advantage of taking that into a movie? Well, the scope. The scope that a movie can give you — big screen, real human beings portraying the characters, the music, the colour, the spectacle that is given to you by the format of movie making and cinematics.

"That is what is going to be interesting for those who are fans of the video game."

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Banderas noted that the version of Nathan Drake depicted in Uncharted is younger than the one traditionally shown in the games, giving veterans of the franchise a different perspective.

Tom Holland and Sophia Ali in 'Uncharted'. (Clay Enos/Sony Pictures)
Tom Holland and Sophia Ali in 'Uncharted'. (Clay Enos/Sony Pictures)

He said: "You are gonna have a little bit of history to add to your consciousness when you're playing the video game. You know now, if you saw the movie, where they're coming from.

"That was a very interesting decision, just to make them slightly different to what you have on the video game."

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Uncharted also features appearances from Tati Gabrielle, British acting stalwart Steven Waddington and Game of Thrones alum Pilou Asbæk.

The film has had a troubled path to the big screen over years of development, with numerous directors — including David O. Russell, Travis Knight and Shawn Levy — coming and going before Fleischer was hired.

Uncharted arrives in UK cinemas from 11 February.

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