Vanessa Feltz announces big career move

Vanessa Feltz has announced that she is joining LBC Radio credit:Bang Showbiz
Vanessa Feltz has announced that she is joining LBC Radio credit:Bang Showbiz

Vanessa Feltz is joining LBC Radio.

The 62-year-old broadcaster often appears on ITV's 'This Morning' and hosts her own show on TalkTV in the afternoons but admitted she was "powerless to resist" when an offer came in from London-based station.

She said: "After a long and passionate courtship, I’ve finally succumbed to the allure of LBC. Actually I was powerless to resist. Global’s dynamism is mesmerising and it is THE high octane station from which to broadcast, in this riveting election year. I can’t wait to join the Global family and get cracking. Brace yourself for May 4th – May the fourth be with you!"”

The move comes as a shakeup for the network, which will see Sangita Myska step down from the station after almost two years on air.

LBC’s Senior Managing Editor added: “We’d like to thank Sangita for her fantastic contribution to LBC and we wish her every success in the future.”

The former 'Strictly Come Dancing' star has been a familiar face on screen for decades but recently revealed that despite her regular aTV appearances, she would never go on a celebrity edition of 'Naked Attaction' because she cannot bear the thought of stripping down.

Writing for The Sun newspaper, Vanessa - split from Ben Ofoedu in 2022 after 16 years together when she discovered he had been unfaithful - said:"Disliking the show does not make me a prude and I don’t think 'Naked Attraction' is immoral.

"Anna Richardson is a very good presenter and is a pleasure to watch and listen to. It’s also slickly produced, fast-paced and well put together.

"So if you like it, I don’t object to it at all. But when you walk down the street, would you really like to see everyone’s genitalia and whether they’re big or small, or pierced or unpierced?

"My answer is: I really wouldn’t. Every now and then, a celebrity version of 'Naked Attraction' is mooted.

"According to host Anna, Duncan James once told her he’d be willing to expose his bits on screen, should the call come.

"If they asked me to appear, with regret, I’d have to turn them down."