Harry Potter's Dudley Dursley Looks Totally Different Now


We all remember Dudley Dursley – the spoiled brat cousin of Harry Potter who adored good food and ample birthday gifts.

Young actor Harry Melling brought the character to life for the movie series, largely opposite Daniel Radcliffe’s boy wizard.

But he’s now grown up, and looks completely different, as the below picture he posted on Twitter shows.

Here he is enjoying a leisurely lunch, and as you’ll see, Dudley is now a strapping chap.


The 26-year-old star has acting in his blood… he is the grandson of Patrick Troughton, the second Doctor from ‘Doctor Who, and nephew to actors Michael and David Troughton.

He was just 10 when he landed the role in the first ‘Harry Potter’ movie, playing Dudley in five of the films.

As Dudley didn’t appear in the sixth movie, producers were shocked at his huge weight loss when he returned for the seventh, having lost almost five stone.


But rather than recasting, they ‘padded’ him out to play the role one last time.

Post-Potter, he studied at LAMDA and has starred in the BBC’s ‘Merlin’, the TV series of 'Just William’, legal period drama 'Garrow’s Law’ and a handful of short films.

Meanwhile, earlier this year, he wrote and starred in his debut play ‘Peddling’ in east London to rave reviews.

It’s not the first time that the web has cottoned on the fact that stars of the Potter movies have now come of age.


There was much consternation after pictures of Matthew Lewis, who played the nerdly Neville Longbottom in the films, emerged looking spectacularly sculpted.

In a shoot for Attitude magazine, the star of BBC series ‘Bluestone 42′ stripped off into a pair of skimpy Armani briefs, causing even J.K. Rowling to pass comment.


“Not as bad as watching Dan in Equus, but close. Warn me next time, for God’s sake,” she tweeted, referring to Daniel Radcliffe’s nude appearance in the West End play 'Equus’.

Meanwhile, pictures of Afshan Azad emerged last month too. She played Padma Patil in the movies, and is now 26.


Image credits: Warner/Attitude/Yahoo File

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