Whitney Houston's former minder praises Richard Madden's portrayal in 'Bodyguard'

Laura Hannam
Richard Madden has been widely praised for his portrayal of David Budd in Bodyguard (BBC Pictures).

Bodyguard, the television show everyone is talking about and the most watched BBC drama of the decade, continued to grip audiences nationwide as it rang in its fifth episode on Sunday night.

And it’s even got the seal of approval from David Roberts, Whitney Houston’s real-life minder from 1988-1995 and who part inspired Kevin Costner’s character in The Bodyguard.

65-year-old Welshman Roberts says he’s not just a fan of the show but also rates Richard Madden’s Bodyguard character over Kevin Costner’s in The Bodyguard.

Talking to The Sun, Roberts revealed: “Richard Madden’s character is a better, more authentic bodyguard than Kevin Costner’s was.

“He is far from perfect though. Far too young in my opinion, with far too much of a troubled past. He has so many physical and emotional scars,” Roberts said.

Richard Madden in Bodyguard with Keeley Hawes (BBC Pictures).

And while some viewers have criticised Bodyguard for being a bit farfetched when it comes to the passionate affair between Budd and Montague, Roberts argues it’s a far from implausible scenario.

“I have known it happen in the protection industry. It is natural that you can develop an association because there is this intimacy and closeness, and you are with them every waking minute of their day,” he said.

But Roberts does think he spotted a couple of potential inaccuracies based on his professional experience.

“I think they have made one or two glaring mistakes, however. During the assassination attempt at Thornton Circus, there is no way a sniper on top of a multi-storey building could have hit the driver in the head from that angle.

Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner in 1992’s The Bodyguard (REX).

“I know because I was a sniper with the Metropolitan Police before I went into personal protection. Nor would the bodyguard have stayed in the front seat holding hands with the principal during the attack. If it had been me I would have been straight on top of Keeley Hawes on the back seat to shield her,” he explained.

The final episode of Bodyguard will air Sunday at 9pm on BBC One.

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