Will Smith spotted working at a Boots pharmacy in West London

Will Smith will be getting major brownie points from his son Jaden after working at Boots to flog his brand of water.

The Men in Black star did a short shift at the Westfield Shopping Centre branch of Boots, in west London, to promote Jaden’s Just Water in the food and drinks aisle.

Will Smith worked at Boots to promote his son’s water brand
Will Smith worked at Boots to promote his son’s water brand

Smith donned a Boots uniform, including name badge and tie, and went around the store to persuade people to pick up a bottle, which prides itself on its packaging which is said to be 82% renewable.

“While Jaden was surfing as a young kid, some plastic water bottles floated by him and he soon realised that they were dirtying our oceans and killing the environment,” WIll says.

“He was immediately motivated to do something to save our planet; our future – and with that wish, JUST Water was born.”

The 49-year-old posted a video of his Boots day with the caption: If u been sleepin’ on this, go buy yourself a bottle and tell the cashier I said hi (they know me there… I’m like… a manager now).”

Will finished filming his role as the Genie in the live-action Aladdin remake, directed by Guy Ritchie, earlier this year.

Aladdin cast on the first day of the shoot
Aladdin cast on the first day of the shoot

The film sees Mena Massoud playing the titular character while British-Indian actress Naomi Scott takes on the role of Jasmine. Jafar will be played by Danish-Tunisian actor Marwan Kenzari.

The film will not only include all the original songs from the 1992 animated movie but also new music from composer Alan Menken.

Based on “Aladdin and the Magic Lamp” from The Book of One Thousand and One Nights, this live-action film is scheduled for release on 24 May, 2019.

The new Men in Black is currently filming in London so Smith may well end up reprising his role as J for a cameo appearance opposite its lead stars Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth.

Fingers crossed.

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