Will Smith's 'Prince Ali' clip from 'Aladdin' remake splits fans

Will Smith in Aladdin (Credit: Disney)
Will Smith in Aladdin (Credit: Disney)

From the moment the blue Will Smith appeared in the first look at Guy Ritchie's live-action remake of Disney's Aladdin, fans have been dubious.

In later clips, it emerged he is always blue, and people were a bit happier about the whole thing, but then word came that the first footage show at CinemaCon last month was... not great.

One critic called it ‘nightmare fuel’.

It featured Smith performing the classic 'Friend Like Me' song, penned by the legendary Alan Menken and peformed by the iconic Robin Williams.

Smith's number involved beatbox, and it gave some cause for concern.

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And while Smith has taken it all very well – he's said he finds the internet memes 'funny' – there's now more divisive material emanating from the Mouse House.

A clip of the 'Prince Ali' song has been unleashed via IGN, and it's left many wondering why Smith isn't really.... doing anything.

Sure, he throws his arms around a bit, but compared with Robin Williams' frenetic (and yes, animated, but there's CGI these days) style, it feels a tad flat.

That said, some fans have rallied behind a specific change in the song's lyrics.

But it seems that whatever it does, Ritchie's Aladdin will not be able to please everyone, so it faces something of an impossible task ahead.

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We'll find out how it stands up to the original on May 22.