Wonder Woman’s Origin Confirmed

Ever since Gal Gadot was officially cast as Wonder Woman, we’ve been left wondering exactly how she’ll fit into the upcoming ‘Batman V Superman’. And now it looks as though we might finally have our answer.


In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, ‘Batman V Superman’ producer Charles Roven reveals the origin of Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman.

“She has powers,” he explained. “She’s a goddess. She’s a demigod… Her father was Zeus.”

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Of course, this is a very familiar origin story for fans of the comic books… and though it’s not Wonder Woman’s original origin (a story which saw her moulded out of clay as a gift to the spirit of the first murdered woman) it does tie directly into the New 52.

A huge departure from the original Wonder Woman myth, the New 52 story sees Diana born out of a sexual relationship between her mother Hippolyta and the Greek god, Zeus (who still happens to walk the Earth with the other gods).

And although the legend of Diana’s creation out of clay plays into this version, it’s revealed to be a story made up by her mother to protect the young Amazonian from the truth.

But how much of this back story will appear in ‘Batman V Superman’?

At the moment, that remains unclear after all, we’ve no idea how much screen time Gal Gadot will receive, let alone how much of it will be devoted to her origin story.

But I can’t help thinking that her appearance is going to be little more than a cameo at this stage. In fact, it’s much more likely that Wonder Woman’s origin would be explored as a solo movie at a later date, or perhaps even as part of the highly-anticipated ‘Justice League’ film.

Still, it’s a promising start for everyone’s favourite Amazonian.

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Picture Credit: Warner Bros.