Woody Harrelson and Thandie Newton prefer Westworld to Star Wars (exclusive)


Woody Harrelson and Thandie Newton might be movie stars, but they’ve also led some of the most iconic TV series ever made – including True Detective (Harrelson) and Westworld (Newton).

“I wish I was on Westworld though, but I don’t know how you get on that,” Harrelson says.

But it makes us wonder – what do they prefer, movies or TV?

“The crossover now is almost indiscernible,” Newton says. “Except, with Westworld, I’m so in love with the show, love the fact that my Woodster here also likes it. We’re basically making ten films per season and it’s tough to achieve that ambition.”

“But HBO is a great place to work, and I think that as time goes on they’re going to start expanding what’s possible for television and seeing it as it is, which is now this is the place for so many great film directors and great film actors, so hopefully we won’t have to half kill ourselves in the process of trying to bring this stuff to the screen, because it is hardcore man.”

“I think it’s cool,” Harrelson says. “Because most of what I watch now is episodic television. I binge-watch, that’s why I’m holding off on the second season of Westworld, because I want to binge it. I think it’s great, because you get the continuation of these characters that you fall in love with. Some movies, like this one, you only get a little bite at the apple and then you miss those people that you won’t see again.”

“So true,” Newton agrees. “So true.”

Make sense to us. Now, if only Disney could combine the long-form storytelling of Westworld with the characters from Solo, and we’ll all be happy.

Solo: The Series, anyone?

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