'X-Men: Dark Phoenix' spoilers leak online and tease major death

X-Men: Dark Phoenix spoilers leak online
X-Men: Dark Phoenix spoilers leak online

X-Men: Dark Phoenix isn’t out until Valentine’s Day 2019, but already plot details have been leaked online.

The latest movie in Fox’s X-Men franchise comes off the back of the dismal critical and commercial reception for X-Men: Apocalypse so there is a lot of pressure for this film to deliver.

There is not much known about the plot so far, however, a Reddit user who claims to have attended a test screening has revealed details about the narrative.

These leaks can be read in full on this Marvel thread, but some that stood out are the comparisons to X-Men: The Last Stand and the death of a major character.

Jean Grey becomes Dark Phoenix
Jean Grey becomes Dark Phoenix

These are all subject to change as the film is currently undergoing reshoots that may well address several of the grievances of this viewer, as well as those others in the test screening.

Stop reading here if you don’t want to see potential spoilers.

The Last Stand saw Famke Janssen’s Jean Grey transform into Phoenix and this user claims the new film will see Sophie Turner’s younger iteration do the same and also lose control over her powers too.

It’s also claimed that Mystique dies, which would certainly make it easier for Jennifer Lawrence to leave the franchise as she had been hoping to do.

The spoiler thread also suggests that Jessica Chastain’s character is never actually named in the movie, apart from as a human called “Smith,” and neither are the Skrulls who were believed to be the alien force the X-Men go up against.

The user also says that Cyclops, Xavier, and Beast get the most screen-time while Storm, Nightcrawler, and Quicksilver get the least.

Again, this could all change by the time the film comes out next year.

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