YouGov poll reveals Britain's favourite movie of 2016

You’ve likely seen your fair share of end of the year film lists and rankings of the best and worst 2016 has had to offer, but here is something of an official take on the matter courtesy of YouGov.

Credit: 20th Century Fox
Polls are shocking everyone in 2016, including Deadpool – Credit: 20th Century Fox

According to the polling site, they’ve figured out what Britain’s favourite film of the year was, and the results may surprise some of you.

It’s not stated just how many people took part in the vote, but the top spot was in fact a draw betweeen the Ryan Reynolds-starring ‘Deadpool’ and ‘Harry Potter’ spin-off ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ – two very different films, admittedly. Each scooped 15% of the votes, with ‘Bridget Jones’s Baby’ coming in second (or is that third?) with 13%.

The Oscar-winning ‘The Revenant’ was next with 12%. followed by the latest ‘Star Wars’ movie – spin-off ‘Rogue One’, which has only been in cinemas a few weeks.

YouGov tweeted their findings, which didn’t go down well with everyone reading the results.

But with a year highlighted by incorrectly predicted polls (yes, we’re talking the EU Referendum and American Presidency specifically), people are now, more than ever, skeptical of such things, as some readers made clear in their responses…

It’s perhaps no surprise that the list that also includes Steven Spielberg’s ‘The BFG’, ‘Star Trek Beyond’, ‘The Jungle Book’, ‘Finding Dory’, and ‘Sully’ which are all fairly well-known, mainstream movies. And that’s nothing against blockbusters that star famous faces; it’s just reflective of the demographic of voters.

That said, there was no room for some of the year’s biggest grossing or most well-reviewed films of 2016. Disney’s ‘Zootropolis’ is nowhere to be seen, and neither is ‘Captain America: Civil War’, which is a turn up for the books. ‘Moana’ is also shunned in favour of – for the majority of entries, at least – other family friendly titles.

Newt's past may reappear in Fantastic Beasts 2 - Credit: Warner Bros.
Eddie Redmayne in this year’s ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ – Credit: Warner Bros.

‘Arrival’ was considered one of the year’s best but doesn’t make the top 10. It topped online critic polls such as the one HeyUGuys hosted, so it just goes to show that it all depends on who you’re asking the questions to in the first place. Still, we must remember that this is a poll to decide Britain’s favourite film, from a public perspective – so throw your star ratings and criticism out the window in favour of what regular people enjoyed watching.

The site also ran polls for the best actor and actress of the year, which, again, garnered some interesting results. Tom Hanks and Dame Maggie Smith came out on top with 18% and 15%, respectively. Benedict Cumberbatch and Eddie Redmayne as well as Jennifer Lawrence and Sarah Lancashire were join runners-up in either category too.

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