Zack Snyder shares his cool Wonder Woman cameo

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‘Wonder Woman’ gave Zack Snyder a very cool cameo…

And now we finally know what it was.

It’s been talked about for a few weeks – ‘Justice League’ and ‘Batman V Superman’ director Zack Snyder was given a cameo appearance in the ‘Wonder Woman’ solo movie. Of course, it’s not uncommon… but we’ve had trouble tracking him down.

And now Zack Snyder himself has finally confirmed where we can find him.

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“In the trenches with Wonder Woman,” he said via social media app, Vero.

And he accompanied it with a cool picture of himself in World War I soldiers garb.

Zack Snyder's Wonder Woman cameo revealed - Credit: Vero
Zack Snyder’s Wonder Woman cameo revealed – Credit: Vero

Of course, news of Snyder’s cameo broke earlier this year, when The Hollywood Reporter got wind of his surprise appearance.

“Look closely, and you might recognize Zack Snyder on the World War I set of Wonder Woman,” they revealed. “He was an extra in the movie.”

And this isn’t the first time he’s appeared in a DC superhero film… except you probably wouldn’t have noticed his earlier cameo if it wasn’t for cinematographer, Larry Fong.

Appearing in ‘Batman V Superman’, the director had a weird ‘hand’ cameo – that’s right, his hand was used in an early scene where we saw Bruce Wayne reaching for a mobile phone.

But let’s be honest – his ‘Wonder Woman’ cameo is a lot cooler.

And at least we get to see all of him on screen this time.

‘Wonder Woman’ stars Gal Gadot as the iconic superhero, alongside Chris Pine, Robin Wright, Connie Nielsen, Lucy Davis, and David Thewlis.

Patty Jenkins directed the movie based on a script by Allan Heinberg.

‘Wonder Woman’ heads to cinemas on 1 June 2017.

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