Zelda Williams weighs in as trolls 'grief shame' Luke Perry's daughter

Sophie Perry and her dad, Luke Perry (Credit: Instagram)
Sophie Perry and her dad, Luke Perry (Credit: Instagram)

Luke Perry’s daughter Sophie has decided it’s time to take out the trash, slamming online trolls for ‘grief shaming’ her.

Since her father died last week following a stroke, at the tragically young age of 52, her social media profiles have experienced considerably higher traffic.

And with traffic comes trolls, some of whom have been criticising her for not looking as sad as she should do.

But the 18-year-old is not having it.

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In a scorching post to Instagram, she explained a few things to followers.

“Since my dad died I have received a lot of attention online. And most of it has been positive but of course, some people just can’t be nice,” she writes.

“And I’m here to say that I did not ask for this attention, I did not ask to be thrown into some virtual spotlight, and while I don’t mean to offend anybody, I’m also not going to cater to any one else’s needs and beliefs.

“I’m 18. I swear like a sailor and sometimes I dress like a hooker. And I support causes and you may not. And most importantly. I am going to laugh and smile and live my normal life. YES I am hurt and sad and crying and beside myself with what happened to my dad.

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“It’s the worst thing to ever happen in my life. And I am torn the f**k up over it. But I’m not going to sit in my room and cry day in and day out until the internet has deemed it appropriate for me to do otherwise.

“And if you knew my dad you would know he wouldnt want me to. So you shouldn’t either. So to those of you shaming me for my language and my wardrobe and most disgustingly, my grieving process, do us both the favor and just unfollow. It’s a waste of both of your time.”

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Zelda Williams, the daughter of the late Robin Williams, also lent her support.

“There will always be keyboard trolls waiting to tell you how to ‘properly’ publicly mourn to suit their impossibly silly standards, and while I will never understand their reasoning, know that however you decide to for you, that’s completely ok!” she said.

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“There are hundreds, THOUSANDS, more supportive people than there are assholes in this world thankfully, but I’ve been there, and that sudden, horrible spotlight at the worst moment of your life SUCKS HARD. Do what YOU need, when you need it, and take care of your heart first. And laugh, as loud and as often as you can. You’ve got this, and when you don’t, the people that love you have got you. Sending you and your family a big hug in this hard time.

Sophie replied: “Thank you so much. It’s inspirational to hear that from you. An example of being able to come through it. Through all the extra s**t we get on top of just the plain old Grief everybody in this situation goes through. It makes me feel more capable of overcoming this all. And I needed that. Thank you.”

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