Zoe Saldaña reacts to Crossroads movie streaming debut

Zoe Saldaña has shared her enthusiasm over Crossroads hitting streaming for the first time.

The 2002 teen hit starred the actress alongside Britney Spears and Orange is the New Black's Taryn Manning, the trio playing childhood friends who embark on a road trip together.

This week it was confirmed that the movie will be released on Netflix worldwide from February 15, and Saldaña has expressed excitement at the news.

zoe saldana, taryn manning and britney spears, crossroads
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Posting a screenshot of an article revealing the Netflix release, the Avatar star wrote in her Instagram Stories: "Let's go!"

Manning also reacted to the news, sharing a post suggesting it was "about time" that the movie got a streaming release, the actress replying: "Least they can do".

Around the time of the movie's 20th anniversary in 2022, Saldaña reflected on working with pop star Spears as she shared fond memories of the time.

zoe saldana, taryn manning and britney spears, crossroads
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"It was just amazing. I was surrounded by amazing women – from the director, Tamra [Davis], to the producer, [Ann] Carli. And Shonda, the writer. Shonda Rhimes! Come on!" she told Entertainment Tonight.

"And Britney [Spears], and Taryn [Manning], and myself, and Anson Mount [who played Ben in the film]. It just felt like it was such a beautiful experience."

Saldaña added that Spears was "a natural, from the beginning".

zoe saldana
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Last year, Crossroads director Tamra Davis admitted that writer Shonda Rhimes had "an idea" for a potential sequel, adding that the movie's producer was in touch with Spears's management.

At the time, the director also confirmed that the movie could be reaching a streaming deal, telling Entertainment Weekly: "[Britney] wanted it to help launch her book. One phone call from Britney and it's available!

"I think that's what they're going to work on now, is getting a streaming deal. I'm sure we will. They're dealing with offers now."

Crossroads will be available on Netflix globally from February 15.

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