Armie Hammer "open" to playing DC superhero Shazam

Ben Bussey
UK Movies Writer
Will Armie Hammer soon be saying the magic word ‘Shazam’ for Warner Bros and the DCEU? (Credit: WENN/DC Comics)

Armie Hammer is no stranger to the DC world. He once come close to playing Batman, and has long been rumoured for the role of Green Lantern – but now he’s also been linked to the title role in their upcoming movie ‘Shazam.’

The 30-year old American actor (most recently seen in ‘Free Fire,’ and soon to be heard in ‘Cars 3’) was named as a potential candidate for the role by no less an authority than Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, who has long been the only actor attached to ‘Shazam’ in the role of anti-hero Black Adam.

Hammer was taken off guard by this, as he tells Cinema Blend: “Dude, so Dwayne said that thing and literally blew up my social media. I couldn’t even open my Instagram. I thought my phone was gonna melt.

“But other than that no one’s said anything. Yeah… I’m keeping my options open.”

Future Black Adam actor, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson (credit: WENN)

A pretty textbook diplomatic response for an actor linked to a much buzzed-about role… but if The Rock himself thinks Hammer could be the man for the job, there’s no way Warner Bros/DC aren’t at the very least considering it.

Back in May, Johnson said of Hammer (referring to him only as ‘The Lone Ranger’), “I just remember meeting him and walking away going, ‘Man, that guy would look great, I bet, as Shazam.’”

Johnson also remarked that Hammer was “bigger than I thought he’d be,” which can only be a compliment coming from him.

A glimpse of the future…? Superman and Shazam battling Black Adam (credit: DC Comics)

Even so, Johnson stressed that Hammer was only “one of a handful” of actors on Warner Bros/DC’s radar for the role.

To date, no director is confirmed for ‘Shazam,’ although David F Sandberg (‘Lights Out’) has been mentioned as a possibility. The film is set to hit screens on 5 April 2019.

Hammer was previously cast as Batman in the aborted ‘Justice League: Mortal,’ which came close to being made in 2008 before the studio pulled the plug.

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