Black & White Version Of Mad Max: Fury Road Gets DVD Release

The mighty ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ is returning to Blu-ray and DVD with a whole new look.


In an unusual move, Warner Bros are releasing a new edition of the post-apocalyptic sequel in black and white, dubbed the ‘Black & Chrome Edition.’

It had long been reported that this alternate version of ‘Fury Road’ would see the light of day, as director George Miller – who received an Oscar nomination for the long-delayed revival of his signature franchise - had previously expressed hopes for its release.

Miller told the LA Times in January, “The best version of ‘Road Warrior’ [AKA ‘Mad Max 2’] was what we called a ‘slash dupe,’ a cheap, black-and-white version of the movie for the composer.

“Something about it seemed more authentic and elemental. So I asked Eric Whipp, the [‘Fury Road’] colorist, ‘Can I see some scenes in black and white with quite a bit of contrast?’

“They looked great. So I said to the guys at Warners, ‘Can we put a black-and-white version on the DVD?’”


There “wasn’t enough room” for this cut on the initial DVD release – but now it will see the light of day in both a two-disc edition with the theatrical cut of ‘Mad Max: Fury Road,’ and in a ‘High Octane Collection’ boxset alongside ‘Mad Max,’ ‘Mad Max 2,’ ‘Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome,’ and the original ‘Fury Road.’

‘Fury Road’ saw Tom Hardy take over from Mel Gibson as the post-apocalyptic anti-hero, alongside Charlize Theron.

Warner Bros will release these DVD and Blu-ray sets in the US on 6 December – no confirmed UK release date yet.

Picture Credit: Warner Bros

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