Did Bryan Cranston Turn Down Commissioner Gordon In Justice League?

A great many fans were crying out for Bryan Cranston to be cast as the new Lex Luthor of the DC Extended Universe – but it seems Warner Bros/DC may have had the ‘Breaking Bad’ actor in mind for another key role.


In a recent interview with Geeking Out (brought to our attention by Screen Rant), the 60 year old actor appears to reveal that he was offered the role of Commissioner Gordon in ‘Justice League.’

In the interview (which, frustratingly, is not available to UK viewers), Cranston reportedly says that he’d be open to taking on a comic book movie role, if it was one we haven’t seen on screen before – hence his disinterest in the role already famously played by Gary Oldman and Pat Hingle.

“I’ve been asked to take a look at Commissioner Gordon. And it’s well, I would be one in several [movies]. I’d kind of like to carve out a new identity.”

There would have been a certain logic in Cranston being the new Gordon, as he’s already worked with new Batman Ben Affleck on ‘Argo.’ On top of which, Cranston has actually played Gordon once before, in 2011 animated movie ‘Batman: Year One.’


Given that he has technically played the role once before, there is some uncertainty as to whether Cranston is actually saying he was asked to play Batman’s ally in the upcoming ‘Justice League,’ before the role instead went to JK Simmons.

However, Cranston does name one previously unfilmed comic book character he’d love to play: ‘X-Men’ bad guy Mr Sinister. The actor says that playing this role would be “very cool.”

This is worth noting, as rumour has it that Mr Sinister may yet appear in the upcoming ‘X-Men’ movies. The post-credits scene of ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ hinted at this, and there have been reports the character might appear in the upcoming third ‘Wolverine’ movie.

In the immediate future, the nearest we’ll see to a superhero role from Cranston will be in 2017’s ‘Power Rangers,’ in which he will portray the Rangers’ alien mentor Zordon.

Picture Credit: WENN, Warner Bros

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