Drunk Holidaymakers Are Getting Hilarious Harry Potter Face Tattoos

Crazes come and go as quickly as the British sunshine, but for a growing group of holidaymakers the craze that’s sweeping across popular destinations like Magaluf and Aiya Napa is ‘Harry Potter-themed.


We all love a bit of ‘Harry Potter’, but usually it’s on DVD or Blu-ray, and not the permanent nature of tattoos that these people are getting done.

Taking Harry’s iconic lightning bolt on his head, holidaying clubbers are queuing up to get the same ‘scar’ drawn onto their foreheads, as reported by Metro.

However, these people are perhaps taking fandom a little too far…


And, as with all good fads, once one person does it then everyone wants to get involved…


And as the trend spread, the lightening bolts multiplied, all looking just a little bit different from each other and certainly not a replica of Harry’s famous war wound…


And even if some revellers were regretting their decision on the flight home (or even the next morning), then help was at hand…


The common opinion (of those who actually have the tattoos, that is) seem to be embracing them and doing their best to ignore the jokes being aimed their way. We’re not quite sure whether turning up to work on Monday morning with the new art work across your head will impress the boss, but maybe they’ll see the funny side.

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Picture credit: Facebook, Twitter, Warner Bros.