Embarrassing typo in Great Gatsby trailer

The trailer for Baz Luhrmann's much-anticipated adaptation of 'The Great Gatsby' debuted this week, but somewhere within the spectacle of the bright lights and big names, fans noticed something awry…

Clearly no expense has been spared on bringing 1920s New York to life - no matter that the movie was mostly filmed in Australia - but on one of the billboards there's a glaring spelling mistake.

The lit up name of Broadway's Ziegfeld Follies is spelt "Zeigfeld", leading to a lot of derision on Twitter for the movie's fact checkers.

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One tweet read:"A budget of $127,000,000 and it seems no one was paid to check the spelling of "Ziegfeld Follies" in the Great Gatsby trailer. #whoopsadaisy."

Leonardo DiCaprio, Carey Mulligan, Joel Edgerton, Tobey Maguire and Isla Fisher star in the movie, and for the most part, reaction has seemed pretty positive for this first look.

We'll have to see if that one glaring mistake is fixed between now and December, when the film is released.

Watch the trailer for 'The Great Gatsby' and see the blooper for yourself

Are people being pedantic? Or should they really get these things right? Let us know your thoughts below…

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