Fast & Furious: Paul Walker’s Character May Return


It seems ‘Fast & Furious 7’ might not have given us our last glimpse of the late Paul Walker’s character after all.

Following the actor’s tragic death in November 2013 during a break on filming on the super-charged sequel, the script was rewritten and Walker’s ex-cop Brian O’Connor was given a happy ever after ending, by way of CG-augmented scenes in which Cody and Caleb Walker doubled for their lost brother.

It seemed fair to assume this would be the last we’d see of Brian O’Connor in the ongoing series – but in a new interview with Entertainment Tonight, Cody and Caleb say the character may yet make further appearances.

Caleb Walker reveals, “I had a phone call with Vin [Diesel] for about an hour and we really discussed this a while back. He wanted [our] blessing.”


Diesel apparently wanted to know if and when Walker’s brothers felt it “would be acceptable to maybe bring Paul’s character back… to really kind of let his fans know he’s still out there.”

Cody Walker adds, “Universal wants to make sure to be respectful of Paul and his image too, and his family.”

The brothers were full of praise for Diesel, remarking “he kind of became our godfather in a weird way,” and said that the work in helping to finish ‘Fast & Furious 7’ aided the grieving process.

Under the circumstances, bringing back Walker’s character in any capacity would seem inherently problematic. It of course remains to be seen if it will happen in ‘Fast & Furious 8,’ or either of the further two films planned in the series (intended to end on a tenth film in 2021) – if it happens at all.


In any case, it should also be noted that Jordanna Brewster – who would also appear to have been written out of the ‘Fast & Furious’ series, as part of Brian’s happy ending – has recently remarked that, to date, she has had no involvement in the upcoming ‘Fast & Furious 8.’

The actress, who played Brian’s wife Mia, told Kevin McCarthy earlier this week, “they are done. I am not in it so far, but we will see.”

‘Fast & Furious 8’ is due in UK cinemas on 14 April 2017.

Picture Credit: Universal, WENN

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