Josh Gad hints at The Penguin role in DC's The Batman

Is Josh Gad joining the DCEU as The Penguin? (Credit: WENN/DC Comics)
Is Josh Gad joining the DCEU as The Penguin? (Credit: WENN/DC Comics)

Actor Josh Gad seems to be hinting at an upcoming role in the DC Extended Universe, as one of the best-loved Batman bad guys.

The ‘Beauty and the Beast’ and ‘Frozen’ star took to Twitter earlier today to post a single image, without comment, of the classic DC supervillain Oswald Cobblepot – better known as The Penguin.

Given Gad’s complete lack of comment on the matter, it’s fair to say he’s leaving things open to interpretation here – but it’s also hard to imagine there’s anything he could be hinting at other than his own casting as the diminutive, lethal umbrella-twirling criminal mastermind.

One of the original members of Batman’s iconic rogue’s gallery, The Penguin was introduced in the comics in 1941. He has appeared on the big screen twice before now, portrayed by Burgess Meredith in 1966’s ‘Batman: The Movie,’ and later by Danny DeVito in 1992’s ‘Batman Returns.’

The last big screen take on The Penguin - Danny DeVito in 1992's 'Batman Returns' (credit: Warner Bros)
The last big screen take on The Penguin – Danny DeVito in 1992’s ‘Batman Returns’ (credit: Warner Bros)

If Gad has indeed been cast in the role, it’s entirely feasible he could be signing a multi-picture contract with appearances possible in any number of planned DCEU movies. However, The Penguin would seem most likely to make his first DCEU appearance in ‘The Batman,’ the first solo movie of Ben Affleck’s take on the Dark Knight with director Matt Reeves, which – despite some well-reported behind-the-scenes difficulties – is known to be in active development.

That said, it isn’t outside the realm of possibilities that Gad might be wanted as The Penguin in ‘Gotham City Sirens,’ the female-fronted supervillain movie from ‘Suicide Squad’ director David Ayer, which will see Margot Robbie reprise her role of Harley Quinn alongside an as-yet uncast Catwoman and Poison Ivy. (Readers will recall Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman shared the screen with The Penguin in ‘Batman Returns.’)

It’s also feasible The Penguin could feature in the planned ‘Suicide Squad’ sequel, for which no director has yet been announced.

This, of course, is all working on the assumption that Gad has indeed been cast as The Penguin, and isn’t just posting a picture of the character on Twitter for the hell of it. However, we all remember what happened not long after Vin Diesel posted a picture of Groot on social media way back when.

There are no release dates confirmed at present for ‘The Batman,’ ‘Gotham City Sirens’ or ‘Suicide Squad 2.’ However, the DCEU will continue with ‘Wonder Woman,’ opening in cinemas on 1 June, followed by ‘Justice League’ on 17 November.

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