Kevin Spacey's Gore Vidal movie showed him seducing younger man

Kevin Spacey (Credit: PA)

The Gore Vidal biopic axed by Netflix following the allegations of sexual misconduct around its star Kevin Spacey involved graphic sex scenes, and others where the actor attempts to seduce a younger man.

Gore completed production just three weeks before the claims by Star Trek: Discovery actor Anthony Rapp emerged, in which he accused Spacey of trying to sexually assault him at a party when he was 14.

It was followed by dozens of other allegations of sexual harassment from other men, and Spacey’s professional career imploding, with Netflix axing him from House of Cards, and his part in the movie All The Money In The World being reshot by director Ridley Scott.

A report on the movie by Buzzfeed, which has seen and reproduced parts of the script, suggests that due to the sensitive nature of plot, Spacey’s last movie will likely never see the light of day.

The movie reportedly contains ‘several scenes that would almost certainly strike audiences as difficult to absorb given Spacey’s involvement. Some scenes explore Gore’s complicated and unorthodox attitudes toward transactional sex and sex with very young men, for example, and a graphic scene involves two transgender sex workers’.

The film, directed by Michael Hoffman, stars Spacey as the literary icon, and Douglas Booth as Jamie Haughton, a young, aspiring writer who Gore tries to seduce.

(Credit: Netflix)
(Credit: Netflix)

One scene set in Rome finds Gore introducing the young man to two transgender prostitutes at his apartment, which comes complete with explicit remarks from Spacey.

Another set on the island of Capri find’s Spacey’s Vidal discussing with Jamie ‘how much he might be keen on sex with men’.

Following Rapp’s accusation, many more men came forward with claims of Spacey’s inappropriate behaviour both on film and TV sets, and during his tenure as the artistic director of the Old Vic in London.

Actor Gabriel Byrne claimed that the production of The Usual Suspects was shut down for two days following alleged sexual advances from Spacey towards a younger actor.

Spacey has denied the claims against him.

He apologised to Rapp, while simultaneously coming out publicly as gay, but said that that he did not remember the incident, blaming likely ‘drunken behaviour’.

Spacey was later fired from the final season of House of Cards, which will conclude without its sixth season without him when it airs next month.

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