Liam Neeson punching people on a train in new The Commuter trailer

Ben Bussey
UK Movies Writer

While Liam Neeson may have declared that his days doing action movies are numbered, he isn’t out of the game just yet, as this second trailer for ‘The Commuter’ confirms.

While the initial trailer for this upcoming thriller put more emphasis on the mystery angle and the influence of the classic ‘Strangers on a Train,’ this new look at the film makes it clear we’ll once again see the 65-year old Irish star drawing on his “particular set of skills,” by breaking a few skulls with his fists.

Neeson’s third collaboration with director Jaume Collett-Serra (after 2011’s ‘Unknown’ and 2014’s ‘Non-Stop’), ‘The Commuter’ casts the ‘Taken’ star as Michael, a seemingly ordinary insurance salesman making his regular train journey to work.

However, after an unusual conversation with an enigmatic stranger (Vera Farmiga), Michael finds himself at the mercy of a covert criminal organisation who are forcing him to track down an unknown individual on board the train, with the threat of dire consequences if he does not play along.

Sure, it looks like the kind of thing Neeson can do in his sleep at this point; hard to believe it hasn’t even been a decade since 2008’s ‘Taken’ sent the otherwise respectable actor (previously best known for the likes of ‘Schindler’s List’ and ‘Michael Collins’) down a whole new path as an unlikely action hero.

But if ‘The Commuter’ is likely to be one of Neeson’s final action roles, it certainly looks like he’ll be going out with a bit of a bang.

Co-starring Patrick Wilson and Sam Neill, ‘The Commuter’ opens in UK cinemas on 18 January 2018.

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