Netflix reveals its most 'binge-raced' shows; some results may surprise you

Netflix have revealed its 20 most commonly binge-viewed TV shows, and some of the results may be a little unexpected.

While the popular streaming service tends to be quite secretive when it comes to viewing figures, a new report from USA Today gets into some of the stats, with the question of ‘binge-racing’ being a key concern.

The phenomenon of binge-viewing has become Netflix’s key stock-in-trade, with new shows often launched on the platform in their entirety straight away, allowing viewers to storm through the lot – sometimes, on the very day the show goes live.

And it transpires that, in the United States, the single most popular show for binge-viewing (by the list’s definition, all episodes consumed within its first 24 hours on Netflix) is ‘Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life,’ Netflix’s revival of the popular 2000s drama.

Interestingly, another Netflix-produced revival of an existing series – ‘Full House’ sequel ‘Fuller House’ – takes second place.

It may come as a surprise that only one of Netflix’s much-hyped Marvel shows – ‘The Defenders’ – makes the list, whilst the acclaimed and awards-laden ‘Stranger Things’ only shows up at the midway point.

Here’s the top 20 in full:

  1. Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

  2. Fuller House

  3. The Ranch

  4. Marvel’s The Defenders

  5. The Seven Deadly Sins

  6. Trailer Park Boys

  7. Santa Clarita Diet

  8. F is for Family

  9. Orange is the New Black

  10. Stranger Things

  11. Friends from College

  12. Grace and Frankie

  13. Wet Hot American Summer

  14. Atypical

  15. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

  16. House of Cards

  17. Master of None

  18. Luther

  19. GLOW

  20. Arrested Development

Again, this list refers specifically to the US, and takes into account Netflix viewing figures from 2013 up to September 2017. However, it is noted that ‘Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life’ and ‘Fuller House’ still come out on top worldwide.

As far as global stats go, Netflix reveals that Canada has “the highest per-capita incidence of binge-racing,” followed by Denmark, Finland and Norway. (Come on UK, we need to step up our game!)

Still, Netflix concedes that these figures have “no direct correlation with overall popularity,” and continues to keep the figures regarding its overall most-viewed properties under wraps.

In July of this year, it was estimated that the platform reaches upwards of 104 million subscribers worldwide, and plans were recently announced for 80 original Netflix movies in 2018.

Netflix’s next binge-worthy show, season 2 of ‘Stranger Things,’ goes live on 27 October.

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