Pakistan’s bootleg Silence DVD art is a thing of beauty

Ryan Leston
UK Movies Writer
Silence is golden.. at least, the DVD art is – Credit: Twitter

‘Silence’ isn’t out on DVD yet… but it already has the best cover art you could possibly imagine.

Appearing on Twitter, a bootleg copy of ‘Silence’ has been spotted in Pakistan… and the DVD cover art raises so many questions. Most importantly – how the hell can the official release top this?

Also, why is Casey Affleck there?

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The bootleg version of ‘Silence’ features a familiar image of Liam Neeson with his hands clasped together, along with another image of co-star Andrew Garfield as he traverses 17th century Japan in search of his lost mentor.

Except, I don’t remember them being doused in flames.

The bootleg Silence DVD in all its glory – Credit: Twitter

Presumably, the bootleggers wanted to inject a bit of action into things, and nothing says high stakes quite like surrounding your biggest stars with fire. And to add a touch of prestige why not inexplicably add photos of Casey Affleck from ‘Manchester by the Sea’ and Mahershala Ali in ‘Moonlight’.

And no, neither actor was in ‘Silence’.

Not even a tiny bit.

This amazing bootleg DVD cover is just the latest in a long line of dodgy (and obviously hilarious) covers. But I can’t help thinking this is one of the best yet. I mean… just look at it.

It even manages to massacre the tagline: “Sometime Silence deadliest soun.”

To put it into perspective, the UK DVD art is still to be confirmed… but it should look a little more like this:

That’s more like it – Credit: Paramount Pictures

Sure, it’s not quite so ridiculous, and it only features actors who are actually in the movie.

But I know which one I prefer.

‘Silence’ stars Tom Cruise, Sofia Boutella, Annabelle Wallis, Jake Johnson, Courtney B. Vance, and Russell Crowe.

Martin Scorsese directed the film based on a script he co-wrote with Jay Cocks.

‘Silence’ is available on DVD and Blu-ray from 8 May 2017.

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