People only method act when they're playing a**holes, reckons Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson arrives at the Governors Awards on Sunday, Oct. 27, 2019, at the Dolby Ballroom in Los Angeles. (Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP)
Robert Pattinson (Credit: Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP)

Robert Pattinson has worked something out about 'the method'.

The Twilight star, who by recent accounts really throws himself into roles in sometimes the most grotesque of fashions, reckons that there's a certain type of role which is best suited to the full-immersion style made famous in the late 1940s.

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In an interview session between him and Hustlers star Jennifer Lopez for Variety, he said: “I always say, you only ever see people doing Method [acting] when they’re playing an a**hole.

He went on: “You never see someone just being lovely to everyone going, ‘I’m really deep in character.’”

Pattinson is becoming known for pulling some pretty radical moves before cameras start rolling.

Recently, Willem Dafoe questioned Robert Pattinson's commitment to 'the craft' of acting, after starring with him in new claustrophobic horror The Lighthouse.

The Lighthouse (Credit: A24)
The Lighthouse (Credit: A24)

While he didn't question the young star's acting chops, Dafoe, who seemed a bit freaked out by the Pattinson's approach to the role of a drunken lighthouse keeper, said in an interview: “He’s not interested in craft, I think.

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“He wants to throw himself into deep water and he feels like it will only be true if he’s drowning.

“For me that seemed wacky. But I’m not trying to judge. He has a good sense of the visual, of what’s needed in a close-up. Sometimes he’d beat himself up so bad. He’d stick his fingers down his throat, things like that.”

For his part, Pattinson told Esquire: “Because you’re playing a mad person, it means you can sort of be mad the whole time. Well, not the whole time, but for like an hour before the scene. You can literally just be sitting on the floor growling and licking up puddles of mud.

“It was crazy. I spent so much time making myself throw up. Pissing my pants. It’s the most revolting thing. I don’t know, maybe it’s really annoying.”

Maybe so...