Brother slips Pennywise into all his sister's engagement photos

(Credit: Jesse McLaren)
(Credit: Jesse McLaren)

Here’s the problem with employing your family to perform professional tasks for you.

Jesse McLaren, a Brooklyn-based social media video producer who’s worked for the likes of Stephen Colbert, was asked by his sister to shoot the pictures of her engagement.

An innocent enough request, but this is what she got.

In every frame, somewhere, there’s Pennywise from ‘It’ photobombing like a creepy Where’s Wally, thanks to the magic of Photoshop.

“My sister asked me to shoot her engagement pics so I hid Pennywise the Clown in every photo,” he captioned the pics on Twitter.

“Countdown until she notices.”

As such, the pictures have gone viral – with 70,000 likes at the last count – and suffice to say that people are enjoying it immensely.

Pennywise has become quite the cultural icon once again thanks to the hugely successful remake of Stephen King’s ‘It’, and we’re sure he’s going to be a big hit this Halloween. Fans of the film have confessed to having a weird crush on the child killer, and the LGBT community has claimed him for their own “shipping” him with The Babadook.

Recently a photographer in Mississippi went viral after dressing his 3-year-old brother up as the Dancing Clown for a photoshoot.

However James Corden nearly derailed the Pennywise hype train when he dressed up as the clown in a “comedy” skit for his talkshow.

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