Piers Morgan mocked Daniel Craig for using a baby carrier, and people were having none of it

Piers Morgan mocked Daniel Craig for using a “papoose” (Reuters/Getty)
Piers Morgan mocked Daniel Craig for using a “papoose” (Reuters/Getty)

Television presenter Piers Morgan provoked ire online after he mocked Daniel Craig for using a baby harness.

The Good Morning Britain host tweeted a photo of new dad Craig carrying one-month-old Ella, his daughter with Rachel Weisz, with the caption “Oh 007.. not you as well?!!! #papoose #emasculatedBond”.

Morgan has been a vocal critic of fathers using baby carriers, and has called out a number of celebrity dads, including Orlando Bloom, for using them.

“The adoption of the papoose by some men is the best example of emasculation I have ever seen. They look ridiculous,” Morgan said on GMB earlier this month.

Twitter rounded on Morgan for his comments about Daniel Craig, with Captain America star Chris Evans questioning the former Mirror editor’s motives.

Most comments defended Craig, who also has an older daughter from a previous marriage, for using the carrier to transport his child while walking in New York. Many men responded by sharing pictures of themselves using the devices, while women also defended the practice.

Morgan responded to many of the comments, defending his point of view, saying “James Bond would never use a papoose to carry his babies.” He doubled down saying carrying children in your own arms is the preferred option.

Things didn’t end well for the 53-year-old TV personality though, with a few people openly mocking him using cheeky Photoshops.

Morgan ended up signing off from the Twitter row by throwing his hat into the ring for the next James Bond.

Yesterday, bookies slashed odds on Richard Madden taking over from Daniel Craig as the next James Bond after rumours circulated that he was being tipped to be the next 007.

In the meantime Daniel Craig remains James Bond, with the Cary Fukunaga-directed Bond 25 coming to cinemas in February, 2020.

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