Pitt, Streep, Clooney and Tarantino say Weinstein Company still owes them money

Tarantino and Weinstein (Credit: Rex)
Tarantino and Weinstein (Credit: Rex)

The sale of the bankrupt Weinstein Company, the production company run by Harvey Weinstein and his brother Bob, has hit a snag.

A host of celebrities filed objections yesterday ahead of the company and its assets being auctioned off on May 4, according to Variety.

Among them are Quentin Tarantino, George Clooney, Leonardo DiCaprio, Meryl Streep, Bill Murray, Jennifer Lawrence, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, Jake Gylennhaal and Rachel McAdams, who all say that they are still owed massive sums in royalties and profits from Weinstein productions.

Tarantino alone says that he’s owed over $4.5 million by the company, including $300,000 for Grindhouse, $575,000 for Inglorious Basterds, $1.25 million for Django Unchained and $2.5 million for The Hateful Eight.

(Credit: Rex)
(Credit: Rex)

The group says it has concerns over outstanding payments owed ahead of the auction.

A company called Lantern Capital is currently in the frame to buy The Weinstein Company and its assets, which include a back catalogue of 277 movies, with an offer of $310 million in cash and another $115 million for its liabilities, according to Variety.

Meanwhile, another bidder, with links to Broadway, is proposing a bid which would keep the company as an active studio, but relocated to New York, reports Deadline.

The New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said yesterday that anyone intending to buy up the company set up a separate fund to compensate victims of Weinstein’s harassment, and ensure workplace reforms to prevent anything like that happening again.

“Bidders should propose bid enhancements that set aside financial resources to compensate and provide support services for injured employees and industry talent, both of whom are essential to the company’s future success,” he wrote in an open letter to potential bidders.

“Bid enhancements also should include nonmonetary terms that protect future employees and contractors and avoid rewarding wrongdoers.”

Weinstein is currently under investigation in New York, Los Angeles and London over accusations of sexual abuse and sexual assault.

Dozens of women came forward in October last year claiming that they had suffered abuse at the hands of Harvey Weinstein in incidents that spanned decades.

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