The Raid's Gareth Evans making UK gangland drama for Sky Atlantic

Gareth Evans (centre) is making a London gangland drama series for Sky Atlantic/HBO (Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images)
Gareth Evans (centre) is making a London gangland drama series for Sky Atlantic/HBO (Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images)

Gareth Evans shot to fame thanks to his super violent crime flicks The Raid and The Raid 2, but now he’s bringing his brutal storytelling to the small screen with Gangs of London.

The Welsh director is set to make the big budget, gangland drama series, set in the UK, for HBO’s Cinemax and Sky Atlantic. According to Deadline, Gangs of London (a working title) will follow the volatile exploits of various criminal organisations in the English capital.

The TV drama will be set in present day London with the action kicking off after the assassination of the head of one of the gangs, causing the underworld’s strained concord to crack.

Evans will be making his television debut with the series, along with Pulse Films who are producing the project along with Sister Pictures. Pulse are known for their indie flicks American Honey and Nick Cave’s 2000 Days on Earth while Sister are currently working on a Jared Harris-led miniseries, called Chernobyl, also for Sky Atlantic/HBO.

With plans to premiere the series in 2019 it could mean the writer-director will be unable to make Deathstroke. The Hollywood Reporter said that Evans was in early talks to write and direct a solo movie for the DC Comics villain, but it might be tough with his current schedule.

He’s currently in post-production for his Dan Stevens-led movie, Apostle, about a man trying to rescue his sister who has been kidnapped by a religious cult, and with a big-budget sequel to begin working on in 2018, Warner Bros. may want to look to a different director with more time to focus on their latest project.

Joe Manganiello made his debut as Deathstroke in the post-credit scene of Justice League but no date has been set for the release of his solo movie. If it’s schedule for later than 2020, Evans may be able to undertake directing duties as well as make Gangs of London.

We’ll just have to wait and see.

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