Renée Zellweger Talks Up Her Plans For Bridget Jones 4

After the excellent reviews and the likely to be decent box office returns from ‘Bridget Jones’s Baby’, talk is now turning to a potential fourth movie.

And it sounds like Renée Zellweger is up for another crack at playing London’s most hapless singleton, and even has a few ideas of the direction she could take.

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“Yeah, why not?” she told Time Out.

“It could be interesting to watch her improvising her way through motherhood. And quite hilarious, right?

“I love her so much – the physical comedy, her vulnerability, her openness.

“I like the idea of revisiting a character that we all met so long ago and checking in with her at different stages of her life.

“She’d be tired! [in a fourth movie]. From what I’ve seen with my sister and my best friends, you know, all of them who’ve had the little babies. They are tired!

“Bridget Jones’s Menopause. I’m looking forward to that film in another 12 years.”

Zellweger has also revealed how she got herself in the right frame of mind for the pregnancy part of the new movie.

And it was all thanks to Channel 4’s ‘One Born Every Minute’.

“I met with a midwife and had lots of conversations about the progression of pregnancy,” she told James Corden on ‘The Late, Late Show’.

“And I watched this show, it’s British, maybe you know it, it’s called ‘One Born Every Minute’. It is crazy.

“It chronicles a woman’s pregnancy right up to birth and it shows young women and geriatric pregnancies. It is the best show ever, it is fantastic. You find yourself crying.

“You get some insights. We poached little bits from all of the ladies, so ladies thank you to all of you.”

‘Bridget Jones’s Baby’ is out now across the UK.

Image credits: Universal