Robin Wright nods to Kevin Spacey firing in 'House of Cards' series six tease

Ben Arnold
Robin Wright as Claire Underwood (Credit: Netflix)

Robin Wright has dropped a rather spiky barb aimed at Kevin Spacey in the first brief tease for season six of House of Cards.

Posted to Twitter, it finds Wright as President Claire Underwood, declaring: “Happy Independence Day. To Me.”

It doesn’t take much reading between the lines to suggest that the independence she speaks of is from Spacey, who played her on-screen husband and all-round Washington Machiavelli Frank Underwood.

He was fired from the show last year, after filming had already commenced on the sixth series, following dozens of allegations of sexual misconduct.

Several crew-members on the show said that Spacey had harassed them, some describing the set as a ‘toxic environment for young men’.

One production assistant claimed that Spacey put his hand down his trousers during a car trip to the set, while others used the word ‘predatory’ to describe Spacey’s behaviour while making the series.

How Frank will exit is not yet known, but it can’t have been an easy task for writers to dispense with such a pivotal character, who, as of series five, appeared to have little likelihood of being written out.

It is due to air its final eight episodes later this year on Netflix.

It emerged yesterday that the Metropolitan Police is investigating three more accusations of sexual assault against the actor.

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